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Sunday, March 17th 2013. | Skoda

New Skoda Octavia 2013 package has invariably been regarding providing that very little bit further. This is often right all the way down to the generous area providing, but in addition the fusion relevant to an elegant saloon form in the practical primary attributes of car with a considerable hatch, a fusion that’s distinct during this segment. The new generation confirms this uniqueness. The new Octavia shows us resolutely continuing down a Skoda-typical road. Remember this is a car with middle-class qualities with a compact-car price. It’s an ideal car for demanding, confident customers expecting a modern Octavia with all its smart values. It our best, says frank welsch, Skoda board member for technical development.

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New Skoda Octavia isn’t just roomy and useful, it’s smart, too. Skoda design chief Josef kabaň; and his team revised the car from head to firmly toe, making enthusiasm initially sight. never before has a fresh Skoda Octavia appeared as dynamic and at a similar time as timelessly elegant, as distinctive, refined and assured by the road as this bestsellers third generation. Every line and gap breathes love of precision and detail. The new Skoda Octavia 2013 is an unmistakable face within the whole automobile crowd, says welsch.

Compared to firmly its predecessor, the Octavia has grown considerably in length and width. The new model is ninety mm longer and 45 mm wider when compared to the second-generation new Skoda Octavia. At a similar time, the wheelbase has grown by 108 mm, principally benefiting the interior and area by the rear seats.

The front of New Skoda Octavia is assured and confident due to an emphasis on horizontal lines while a new location regarding the Skoda brand. The side aspect of one’s new Skoda Octavia has turned out to be markedly a lot of dynamic when compared to firmly its predecessor. This is often right all the way down to the long wheelbase too as onto the shortened front overhang while a c pillar pulled so much backwards. The high, sharp tornado line provides the car with optical stretch and distinctively highlights its coupé-like silhouette. A special new characteristic is an upswept dynamic window line within the whole rear doors, the so-called fin – a tiny low, other than effective design plan providing the car utilizing a forceful appearance and direction.

2013 Skoda Octavia Design   CARBLADE


As in each and every Skoda, life for occupants is made easier by a choice of ‚simply clever features within the whole new Skoda Octavia 2013. Counting on trim level, these following items are out there either as commonplace or perhaps even a possibility. These embrace foldable cargo parts regarding the boot, enabling safe anchoring of objects by the floor. A double-sided floor covering within the whole boot can possibly be found the initial time’>in 2011 for a first in a fresh Skoda Octavia. An ice scraper is placed within the filler flap. A warning vest holder is located beneath the driver’s seat while a rubbish bin within the door panel. A multimedia holder has area to have an iPod, a mobile phone and also the like. A considerable overhead sunglasses compartment is simply one among many storage bays, holder’s und hooks that build to have an intelligent and clean organization of interior and baggage area of one’s new Skoda Octavia. Conjointly on board will be the fuel-error prevention gathering while a boot cover folding away behind the rear seats.

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Four petrol engines with 63 to firmly 132 kW

The petrol engines within the whole new Skoda Octavia are all turbocharged and direct-injection tsi engines utilizing a four-cylinder, four-valve layout.

The entry-level petrol engine of one’s Octavia is that the 1. 2 tsi with 63 kW (86 hp) utilizing a combined-cycle fuel consumption of 5. 2 l/100 km and co2 emissions of 119 g/km. turbocharging produces a maximum torque of 160 nm (at 1, four hundred to firmly 3, 500 rpm). This entry-level engine is equipped with a manual 5-speed transmission.

New Skoda Octavia improved performance version of one’s 1. 2 tsi green tec, that includes a start/stop system and brake energy recuperation, manages an output of 77 kW (105 hp) and is much more economical utilizing a combined-cycle fuel consumption of 4. 9 l/100 km and co2 emissions of 114 g/km. the tsi engine provides a maximum torque of a hundred seventy five nm at between 1, four hundred and 4, 000 rpm. As a various onto the manual six-speed, the engine can possibly be ordered with an automatic dsg seven-speed transmission.

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Tdi diesel engines with up to firmly 320 nm

All diesels out there within the whole new Skoda Octavia 2013 are turbocharged tdi direct injection engines with four cylinders and four-valve technology.

The entry-level diesel engine regarding the new Skoda Octavia 2013 is that the 1. 6 tdi with 66 kW (ninety hp), utilizing a combined-cycle consumption of 4. 1 l/100 km and emissions of 109 g co2 per kilometer.

Fuel consumption of one’s 1. 6 tdi green tec with 77 kW (105 hp) with start/stop and manual five-speed transmission is 3. 8 l/100 km and co2 emissions quantity to firmly 99 g/km. the engine delivers a maximum torque of 250 nm at between 1, 500 and 2, 750 rpm. Additionally onto the manual gearbox, this engine will conjointly be ordered in the automatic dsg seven-speed transmission.

The green line-version 1. 6 tdi with 81 kW (a hundred and ten hp) is that the most economical diesel engine, emitting just 89 g/km co2 while a fuel consumption of just 3. 4 l/100 km. it’s out there utilizing a manual six-speed transmission.

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