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Friday, February 8th 2013. | Mercedes

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Next product from Mercedes-Benz and AMG has been we teased with the prospect of an electric supercar concept as the concept of the SLS AMG E-Cell broke cover in 2010 and release date 2014 this name Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive concept. Now at the Paris Auto show, Mercedes has presented to the public with an electric SLS which is becoming electric supercar production in the world’s fastest when it hits the road for the upcoming year.

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG exterior

In the design of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coupe electric unit, Mercedes-AMG took a few notes of the cradle of the world of formula 1. Not only to use the body and transmission F1 technologies, designers adopted the centerpiece of from the engineering unit and work your way. For the SLS transmission is at the centre. The battery is located within a monocoque carbon fiber that acts as the backbone of the car around which the body of the aluminum hull is built. To keep the center of gravity lower, the compartment is close to the Earth and spread along the car to keep the distributed weight.

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG interior

The profile shows the heritage of the SLS to echoes of the early 1950′s brand Mercedes-Benz SLS. There’s the same balance between the cab and the body that says that this thing moves like a stabbed rat. It does not matter that it when the Capo aterrizaje-tamano of lifting cover will be received by a set of panels of carbon fiber glass instead of a V8 engine. The Interior has a definitive race cabin feel to it and for all their stitched black leather and carbon fiber trim elements, the atmosphere is one of the effectiveness of German engineering. It is a power, all the instruments do not have a tachometer. On the other hand, there is a demonstration of power, which is the State of recovery, modes of transmission, power supply and battery charging requirements. There is also internet access and broadband and a range of screens of data that will tell you most probably, you want to know about the State and the performance of the car.

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive engine

But the centre of it all is what makes the SLS go. Instead of a massive petrol engine, four synchronous Motors is weighs 45 kilograms (99 pounds) each spins at 13,000 rpm / min. combined 740 HP (552 kW) and 1000 Nm (727 lb – ft) of torque. Taking advantage of its electrics have pair out, the SLS is 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds. Top speed is 155 mph (250 kph), which is pretty well while I carrying 548 kilograms (1,208 pounds) lithium-ion batteries. The maximum range of the SLS is 250 kilometers (155 miles). This Quartet of engines are selectively bound by a design of axially arranged by so-called transmission “Dynamic AMG couple.” This allows individual control of electric motors and selectively distributes the forces for each individual wheel. It can be individually driven and braked. This improves handling and performance, especially in the corners where battery heavy Supercars have difficulties of it. There are also three modes of transmission: comfort, Sport and Sport Plus.

Unit Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG coupe electric formula 1-rated high-voltage lithium-ion batteries used in 400 volts and 60 kWh and propellers Ltd. in Brixworth, United Kingdom were developed by Mercedes-AMG GmbH in Affalterbach in Germany and Mercedes AMG high-performance. The twelve modules of batteries are liquid cooled and have a heating system to maintain an optimum temperature in cold weather. While driving, the SLS increases the load range of the batteries through electric recovery during the downturn. In the country, charges of SLS 20 hours of a standard outlet and it can be charged in three hours with a 22 kW optional wall box.

Of course, that an electric supercar will not sound as scary of their brothers of ice powered, and since it is not no fun, Mercedes AMG installed eleven speakers on the SLS that sounds like a ‘real’ car. all cough and grumbling, aware of all driving conditions. Electric unit of Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG coupe can make a bellows satisfactory when roars on the highway, but keep in mind that your pre-recorded.

Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive front   CARBLADE

Price Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coupe electrics 2014

Electric unit of Mercedes – Benz SLS AMG coupe arrives on the market in 2013. The price in Germany will be 416.500 euros ($ 535.869). And if Matt paint finish “AMG electricbeam magno” does not appeal, there are other five colors to choose from.

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